Our Mission 

Our small, family-run private dental practice has been delivering bespoke dental

care in Baldock for over twelve years. At Mews House Dental it is our goal to deliver superb

quality of care by affording each patient the time and energy they truly deserve.

With over 28 years of experience, Dr. Jannie Economou decided to open Mews House Dental so that he could spend more time with his patients and deliver a more comprehensive experience.

This experience is championed by clear, transparent and compassionate communication.


Here at Mews House Dental, we understand the vulnerability and trust required when you sit in

the dental chair. That is why we treat every patient as if it is their very first appointment.

Appointments are designed to account for long discussions where patients can bring up any

concerns or questions. These conversations can continue over the phone, Facebook, instagram

and through our website.

We believe in high quality materials and equipment. For that reason we

do not offer metal fillings and are one of the few dental practice’s in Hertfordshire to offer

computer administered injections. Our transparency is reflected in the use of the intra-oral

camera, a technology that allows patients to see what the dentist can see - affording them further

agency in their decision making and oral health journey.


Above all else, we believe in making you feel at home. We want you to feel safe and supported

throughout your experience and while you look after your oral health. We prioritise your care and

comfort. We pride ourselves on our reputation in our community as a trustworthy source of

excellent care.