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Facial Aesthetics


Did you know anti-wrinkle treatments are not just for wrinkles?

Run by our experienced dentist with special interest in facial aesthetics. Our dentist has performed many successful facial aesthetic treatments on patients. An expert on face and neck anatomy she is in the best position to advise you on the best treatment to have.

  We will be offering treatments to help with the following:

- Excessive sweating

- Grinding and clenching of teeth

- Skin elasticity and volume

- Deep acne scars

- Facial wrinkles

- Dark circles around the eye

- Collagen booster for the skin

Prices start from :

Anti-wrinkle treatment (1 area) - £180

Profhilo: £300

Face fillers: from £350

Excessive sweating: £395

Grinding of teeth: £395

Why not have a facial consultation to talk through the options which would suit you best?

Consultations are £40 ( which goes towards the treatment costs if you go ahead with it)

FOR A LIMITED TIME- Free 5-10 min face screening to talk through your options with our clinician

To book an consultation
or find out more information, please call/ email us

Closeup face photoshoot
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